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Ta Very Much!

A very long time ago I entered a group that was readers and writers. I cut my teeth there and also met a great person that I have chosen to share my life with. We have been together now for a fair few years and through it all we have written many different types of "characters". They all shared one thing in common though and that was discipline relationships.

We have both read a fair few stories by others who write in this genre, some we loved, we some didn't love but all trying to entertain and work through their own "kinks". Some went on to find out that it wasn't but that it meant more to them and they wanted it in their lives 24/7. Some stayed where they were and just enjoyed the voyeuristic pleasures. All have benefited.

Blogger has been good to us through our many incarnations and manic deleting and returning. Now though, it has made it much to hard to deal with, especially the video bits. Sadly and after giving it much thought I have come to the conclusion that it is time to move on.

I will be leaving the Tales blogger up, although there will not be any more stories added to it. We have recently put out three Tales volumes. Two are re-edited versions and with the stories in correct order and corrected text. Then there is Tales 9, which is new.

We also branched out to another possibly now series called St. Dominic's Home. The first book is up and selling nicely, thank you all for that.

I will be putting a link up for those who wish to continue to read our books and if I can make myself read the HTML for dummies I may try a website! Okay, now I'm biting my nails. There is so much I wish to give to the wonderful people who have followed us, want more and more and leave us such nice words of encouragement.  Hopefully I can.

Anything new may take a while now though as Adam is once again going into year end at his day job. That means a lot of eggshell walking for me and hiding in our bed. He gets right grumpy when this time of year comes around.

One more thing, well maybe, Tolkien had a lot to do with our spanking stories at the beginning so I may blow the dust off of our little bit of Elvish nonsense and publish it during the year. We also have another type of discipline fiction we are thinking about doing so.....

Check back, stay tuned and happy reading!

Love to all,

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