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As part of the no H8 campaign I put this on our facebook page. Please don't rush off to friend me, it's only there to promote our books.  Sorry but I think facebook is a waste of time and space and causes innocent brain cells to die a horrible and untimely death. 

Who is Anonymous? I want to shake his hand.

I absolutely love this one. Pricelss!

Someone is cranky today. LOL

He never did learn when to be quiet did he?

Snort, brats, indeed!

Please, Sir, may I have another? I hate that!

So Pope Francis is tippy toeing around this is he?

Pope Francis: Who am I to judge gay people?

Which explains the cane hanging in my room!

Sorry for this .... nah, I'm really not. 


 I never gave the homophobia thing a thought until this. 

That's all I have for right now. Time has been limited and real life is TAKING OVER!!!!!

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