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Christmas Season

As we draw nearer to the Big Day be it because of what faithfilled folk are looking forward to or people who are looking forward to that newest game system I want to wish you and yours a happy Christmas and a calm, peaceful one.

Adam and I are gearing up as best we can what with all the other stuff going on at home. For those who are waiting for our next book it should be out sometime at the beginning of the New Year. I know I said before Christmas but so much has gone on lately that we had to put writing on the back burner.

It will get done! I promise!

Also in the works, as most of you already know I have been revising what we have done to make sure that it all fits together nicely. When I finish that I am hoping to get one HUGE book or two VERY LARGE books out for you. In them will be a few stories that should have been included before and somehow got overlooked. My bad, spank me later.

Since they are revisions they will be offered at a very reasonable price, Adam's contribution, lol!

Also, I am toying with another cover so if the ones there disappear for a few days that would be why.

Here in England we have our turkey on Christmas, although we are also known to have gammon or if so inclined those horrid three meat things that come from supermarkets.  Our potatoes are roasted in goose fat which gives them a nice flavour and turns them a golden brown. Brusselsprouts, mash, Yorkshire puds, parsnips, sausage wrapped in bacon (how redundant is that!, sausage stuffing and gravy pretty much rounds out the whole meal. It's save to say that Adam and I won't be having most of that though. We tend to graze a lot, the one concession is french toast Christmas morning.
We tend to slob around and open pressies and then watch a few movies on telly. Since this is the year we finally get rid of Matt Smith as Doctor Who we will be watching the Christmas special. Hopefully this new guy, older man who I forget his name, will not sleep through two and half episodes like our dear David did.

Some of you may have noticed that I deleted the other blogs. It is just to much work to try and keep up so if something comes up I may put it here. Like this...

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