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New Year New Stuff?

We are well and truly into 2015 now as this is the last week of the first month. Things take a bit of getting used to when the year becomes new and for some reason this year things seems much brighter.
Funny thing, Adam's phone just delivered about ten messages I think. Anyway it went on a tangent and pinged a lot, lol. I rarely use a mobile, let alone have one on 24/7. Truth to tell I really don't like them much and as along as they make and receive phone calls I am happy. I bet I am the only person in the UK to ring their provider and ask for the internet to be taken off!

But back to the important things. Yes, we have a book coming out. No, I cannot with any honesty say when for certain. Neither of us is feeling to creative right now.

 Our next door neighbour had some devastating news so we are all a little shell shocked. Bear with please.

Also another neighbour suffered a second stroke and then two falls. So we have been quite busy.

Not to mention the lady who lives just back of us was in hospital with a blood clot on the lung. One thing after another innit?

So, we do have two stories finished and are working on a third one, with a fourth waiting on a memory stick to be finished off too. Ta for the patience.

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